Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Federal Assault Weapons Ban
  • A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms spokesman stated that he “can in no way vouch for the validity” of the claim that the ban was responsible for violent crime’s decline. - Torsten Ove (2004) Assault Weapon Ban’s Effectiveness Debated, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/26/04
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention studied the ban and found “insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws reviewed for preventing violence.” -  First Reports Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Violence: Firearms Laws, CDC, 3 Oct 2003.
  • The National Research Council studied the ban and stated “did not reveal any clear impacts on gun violence” and “due to the fact that the relative rarity with which the banned guns were used in crime before the ban … the maximum potential effect of the ban on gun violence outcomes would be very small….” -  Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review, Charles F. Wellford, John V. Pepper, and Carol V. Petrie, Editors, National Research Council, National Academy of Science, NAP 2004, 2005, ISBN 978-0-309-09124-4.
  • “The ban has failed to reduce the average number of victims per gun murder incident or multiple gunshot wound victims.” -  Impacts of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban: 1994-96, National Institute of Justice, March 1999 

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